The COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally changed how and what customers buy, and is accelerating immense changes in, for example, the product-based industry.

In the face of COVID-19, Aryacom had to act quickly to optimise the company’s resilience, while assessing opportunities for growth in various other sectors.

After looking at the evolving situations of markets and requirements from customers towards unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones, Aryacom started looking for partners to serve customer requirements. Aryacom looked for international OEMs and various Indian OEMs. As per the guidelines from Indian Government for made in India products, Aryacom became channel partners with Ideaforge as a reseller of a wide range of drones in June 2020. After this partnership was formed, the Aryacom team underwent 10 days of intensive training at Ideaforge’s training center. Aryacom has successfully picked up multiple orders and has delivered and demonstrated them with training for the Indian Railway Protection Forces (RPF).

Drones are used across a wide range of applications by defence and homeland security agencies and enterprises. In security services, drones can identify security and terrorism-related challenges and pinpoint vulnerable areas that are prone to various risks. Drones are the modern-day force multiplier that can enhance the capabilities of security forces to contain terror and to counter the emerging challenges in defence and homeland security.

Drones have become an integral part of operations, carrying out activities such as mapping, surveying, equipment inspection, analysing difficult-to-monitor areas, project monitoring and precision agriculture activities. The deployment of drones for such operations reduces crew costs by minimising time-consuming ground observations.

  • Benefits Of Drones
  • Conduct day and night surveillance with constant monitoring.
  • Focus on objects of interest with multi-zoom capabilities.
  • Integration with CCTV feed for unified view at command and control centre.
  • Identify and track vehicles and individuals entering and leaving an area.
  • Prevent hostile crowd build-up with regular surveillance.
  • Improve situational awareness and emergency response.
  • Track vehicles and individuals in real time with moving target indicator.
  • Strengthen existing security framework by eliminating surveillance blind spots.

Aryacom has played a vital role in providing drone solutions and training to the RPF. To date Aryacom has sold drones to RPF Bhusawal, RPF Vishakhapatnam, and RPF Jabalpur.

The RPF uses drones for day and night surveillance of workshops, yards, and tracks to prevent theft, sabotage and pilferage. Aerial data acquisition by drones equipped with sensors can decrease the capital costs of railway projects by 12% and maintenance by 17%. Drones have been integrated with the Indian Railway Accident Relief Trains (ART) system for disaster management.

The RPF Jabalpur drone was inaugurated and the first flight of the drone was taken by Shri Shailendra K. Singh (General Manager of the Indian West Central Railways) in Damoh District, Jabalpur. Also, the Inspector General of RPF and the principal heads of various department of the Indian Railway was available for this inauguration event. Similarly, the RPF Bhusawal and RPF Vishakhapatnam drone was inaugurated by Sr. DSC of the respective locations and Aryacom has successfully imparted training to their teams for surveillance purpose.

Aryacom intends to enter various other sectors like ports and terminals, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Ministry of Defence (MoD) etc to provide these solutions and training to existing and new customers.

  • Aryacom Provides A Wide Range Of Drones

    It is survey-grade micro drone that offers unbeatable area coverage. It features an advanced mapping payload and state-of-the-art capability for category-defying accuracy.

    It has a dual payload setup – an HD camera with 10x optical zoom and a megaphone. With this setup, on-ground forces can safely conduct live surveillance and make live or pre-recorded public announcements simultaneously.

    It is most accessible drone with the lowest training requirement in the industry. It is built with military precision for enterprise applications such as mapping, surveying, and surveillance.
  • Q-Series UAV

    It is an enterprise specialist VTOL unmanned aerial system. It is a compact and lightweight system based on cutting-edge drone technology. It is based on tried and tested military design philosophies with swappable payload capability, enhanced flight stability, and varied fail-safe modes for increased safety.
  • NETRA V Series UAV

    It is a fully autonomous, portable small UAV system. The drone plays a major role in surveillance, reconnaissance, and rescue operations with its zoom-in capability. The UAV can take flight from confined spaces and capture high quality images while being out of human visual and auditory range.
  • Netra Pro UAV

    It is the most versatile UAV with supply drop capability. It can be used in demanding conditions as it is rugged and IP53 ingress certified. It is also highly reliable, as it is tested to military standards and has multiple built-in fail-safe operations and redundancies for GPS and rotor systems. It is the first UAV to operate LiDAR payload and can operate two payloads simultaneously, such as simultaneous day and night cameras.

    It is a fixed-wing VTOL UAV, which is a combination between fixed-wing UAVs and VTOL UAVs. It retains the best capabilities of both categories of UAVs of vertical take-off and landing and higher endurance. This portable UAV is a terrain dominator, no-compromise solution that guarantees your area of dominance with maximum range and flight time.

In the near future, Aryacom intends to focus on increasing the wide range of products and solutions in the drone sector, addressing various sectors of the industry and working with partners for including anti-drone solutions in its catalogue of services for customers.