As a group J M BAXI tries to offer diversified and unique logistics solutions to its customers, which includes single window solutions for liner services, container rail services and terminal services, transportation, freight forwarding and custom house services, with the help of its different business vertical units.

The north India terminal of JMB group is Delhi Int ernational Cargo Terminal which is currently one of the leading terminals in the NCR region. We are currently serving Mundra / Kandla / Pipavav ports from these facilities.

Also, we have a daily service between Ludhiana and Mundra from Kilaraipur (Ludhiana).

As United Liners we have agency services for Prime Maritime, which is one of the leading NVOs for the Gulf sector. With Prime Maritime we are working on the development of routing for Gulf-bound containers from DICT and Ludhiana using Kandla as the routing / loading port.

DICT started the Kandla service w.e.f. June 2020 and handled approximately 1,400 TEUs during three quarters of FY 2020–21.

Currently Prime Maritime has fixed slot of 100 TEUs on a weekly basis on the BTL / Safeen service. This service runs on Tuesday from Kandla and the routing is Karachi / Kandla/ MICT / GTI / Sharjah / Khalifa / Bahrain / Dammam / Um Qasar. Prime Maritime is loading 150 TEUs / week on this service from Kandla port.

Sonepat and Ludhiana are both rice export markets with major PODs in Gulf-based ports, some of Far Eastern sectors, USA and Europe. With the introduction of this service, the rice exporters of the Sonepat and Ludhiana belt can utilize end-to-end services with our facility, which provides terminal services, rail services and shipping services all under same roof.

Currently Prime Maritime, Win win Maritime and Radiant Shipping are using Kandla port via DICT. We are developing the same service with other NVOCCs for the DICT and Ludhiana locations also. This type of business prospect will provide confidence to customers in using our facility with end-to-end services till POD. Customers will benefit from this service in the following ways:

  • Single door solution for rice export towards the Gulf sector.
  • As inventory is a major issue for rice exporters (inventory imbalance due to major import of 40’ and export of 20’), as ICT we will bring import from the Gulf using Kandla port which will result in the addition of inventory for both catchment areas.
  • Also, the surplus of inventory can be shifted to either place, which will give ease to customers while operating with these two locations using ICT services.
  • Customer will have an option of Mundra, as the port is mostly congested and slot availability is always an issue from port for NVOs.
  • Operating costs for customers will be reduced as Kandla port distance is less than Mundra. Also, the port charges of Kandla are competitive in terms of Mundra.
  • Customers have to communicate with just one entity for the entire movement, which will give them confidence in our services.
  • ICT Will Also Benefit From This Movement As
  • ICT will be able to manage inventory for customer between DICT and Ludhiana on its rakes which will help them to develop a base for customers at either location.
  • One more route will be developed and will result in the addition of service sectors.
  • There will be an improvement in the customer base and confidence will be gained with multiple movement options in case of any issue related to Mundra / Kandla port.

This unique proposition of integrated service offering by J M BAXIhas truly brought the concept of containerisation to the doorstep of the customer, wherein a single infrastructure company is able to provide the landside as well as ocean service to its customers.