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The Ship Management Division of K Steamships Agencies Pvt Ltd was established in 2006 to provide technical and crew management to owners as an extended arm of the owner rather than a mere service provider. The company is committed to providing a complete and comprehensive range of high-quality services in ship management, and is determined to exceed the expectations of its clients.
Due to business loyalty, transparency and the personalised services provided to our principals, we have to our credit, a list of happy and satisfied ship owners as clients. The company ensures the safe and economical operation of vessels for ship owners, complying with international safety and environment protection norms and we aspire to be the ship owners’ first choice.


Crew Recruitment
Our area of expertise includes providing quality personnel for VLCC, Aframax, Suezmax, LPG tankers, LNG vessels, container ships and bulk carriers. We also recruit and employ personnel to work on oil rigs operating in India.
Our company has offices in all the major ports in India as well as in cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Ludhiana. Hence, we are able to source and maintain a close liaison with officers and ratings from all over India.
We further recognise that training is an essential factor in ensuring we have a pool of qualified crew. This translates into our ability to cope with dynamic international regulations and we are always prepared for future demands.

We firmly believe thatthesmooth operation of any vessel is the outcome of the "Right person on the right job". This requires a reliable and valid selection methodology to choose the right people. We have to our credit well-developed systems and selection procedures.

We have a pool of excellent seafarers who wholeheartedly contribute to achieving ship owners’ business objectives and realising the KSMS vision. Our floating staff are on continued employment with us and most have worked for us for many years.

The crewing services encompass the following:
a) Providing fully competent officers and crew, duly certified in accordance with the provision of STCW 10 and also with any specific qualifications considered necessary for the type of vessel and the trade
b) Maintaining a company pool of seafarers to ensure that continuity and quality are maintained on all ships crewed by us
c) Providing competence-enhancing training to seafarers through tie-ups with various maritime training institutes
d) Arranging medical examinations and fitness certificates for seafarers employed by us
e) Arranging visas and ticketing, closely coordinating with the agent in the joining port, ensuring the smooth joining of seafarers and also arranging relief
f) Assisting in handling of PNI claims for seafarers
g) Representing the principal in legal cases filed in India by crew for disability, medical or breach of employment contract claims
h) Establishing close liaisons with local unions and regulatory bodies on behalf of principals
i) Entering into appropriate agreements with MUI or NUSI if owners require ITF, IBF or ILO compliant wage contracts
j) Implementing and following up the drug and alcohol policies of the principals
k) Arranging the payment of earnings and allotment, arranging cash for the master, and maintaining accounting and portage bill for crew engaged on vessels
l) Annual payroll budgets
m) Visits to vessels by superintendents who supervise crewing arrangements to determine training requirements in consultation with the master of the vessel

Ship Management
Technical management is the core activity of the company. To provide quality services, we have a team of highly talented and experienced superintendents and staff who are dedicated to looking after the assets that the ship owners have entrusted with us. We believe in translating our company values into actions, which enables us to maintain transparency in all our dealings. We adhere strictly to the budgets mutually agreed with the owners and do not believe in hidden costs or giving financial surprises to the owners. The needs of our customers are our guiding force and we take pride in exceeding the expectation of the owners. The excellence of our performance is frequently seen when we beat our own benchmarks. We make a habit of being proactive; therefore planning is an integral part of our activities to minimise the waste of our resources. Our well laid-out procedures ensure the "Right action at the right time".

Ships are inspected at regular intervals by our technical superintendent to ensure a very close follow-up of shipboard activities. Our computer-based systems are used to monitor vessel performance. Data sent by ships are analysed onshore to optimise vessel speed and fuel consumption.

KSMS has the flexibility to adjust to all requirements of the owners regarding periodic technical and accounting reports. We are geared to provide you with any information you require at any time.