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Founded in 1916, J. M. Baxi & Co is India’s premier ship agency, serving tramp and container vessels and finding maritime carriage solutions for all types of cargo. Standing firm on the triple pillars of innovation, commitment and performance, J. M. Baxi & Co is also known universally for the values of accountability, customer satisfaction, excellence, and safety and security standards, which it engenders and stands for. It delivers award-winning performance in all its business activities. It is backed by over 600 experienced and committed professionals working from a nationwide network of offices in over 50 locations. J. M. Baxi & Co is the only ship agent in the world that does not subcontract out its core business.


Shipping Agency for

  • Tankers
  • Gas carriers
  • Bulkers
  • Project steel andbreak bulk
  • Passenger
  • Containers
  • Demolition
  • Submersible ships
  • Dredgers
  • Salvage

Container Agency Division
With a century of experience, we are the most reliable agency in India. With offices inall Indian ports and ICDs, we represent MLOSs, NVOsand feeder operators.
Services pan-India include vessel husbanding, transportation support, EXIM marketing and surveys, and M&R services.
The group’s infrastructure include CFSs, ICDs, terminals and rail services to ensure seamless support to the agency division.

Chartering And Broking
Exploiting its century of experience and expertise in shipping, J. M. Baxi & Co’s broking and chartering solutions have been developed with the customers’ best interests in mind.