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Founded in 1976, Arya Offshore Services Pvt Ltd has over the years evolved into India’s largest and most comprehensive oil and gas logistics company, working with the top blue chip companies around the world. Ever since its inception, it has been providing complete logistics and support services for oil and gas exploration companies on a turnkey basis. Arya Offshore provides the highest level of customer service because of its good national network of offices at all major and minor ports on the east and west coasts of India, supported by a team of over 200 dedicated professionals.


Marine Support Bases
AOS owns, operates and manages marine support bases countrywide. It is a one-stop shop to support drilling, rig operations and construction projects. It provides 24-hour attendance at rigs, supply and support vessels, barges and helicopters. It manages and handles dry bulk-handling plants and offers stevedoring, loading and discharging services. AOS runs warehousing and inventory management systems. It provides material-handling equipment as well as open and closed storage facilities.

Agency Operations
AOS provides port and shipping agency services and owners protecting agency services. It prepares, processes, arranges and obtains all required statutory permissions and approvals. The customs conversion of vessels from foreign run to coastal and vice versa are handled. It provides customs clearance and transportation of all sea and air shipments (marine assets, ships spares etc.). It sources and manages highly skilled technical and administrative staff for construction barges, support craft, supply vessels, drilling rigs and platforms.AOS handles crew movements including sign-on and sign-off and meet-and-greet services. It provides stevedoring, loading and discharging services. All of its processes are automated.

Statutory Approvals
AOS offers consultancy and arranges statutory governmental and related clearances required for oil and gas sector activities. It obtains mandatory documentation and statutory clearances from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) including Essentiality Certificate (EC), Specific Period Licence (SPL), Naval Security Clearance (NSC), Towing Permissions and any other clearances required during the course of operations. It has a dedicated document centre in Mumbai for processing all necessary statutory and non-statutory clearances. There is a dedicated liaison cell in New Delhi for coordinating clearances with the Director General of Hydrocarbons (DGH), Ministry of Defence, and Ministry of Home Affairs etc. On-line processing enables all Arya Offshore offices to monitor the status of work simultaneously. Daily updates on documentation status are provided to all principals and users on-line.

Integrated Supply Chain Logistics
AOS offers total project transportation and supply chain logistics services. It is responsible for handling consignments from origin (domestic and international) to final destination (including arranging requisite approvals). It has links with major international freight forwarders and it is a logistics service provider to give total project management. Shipments are moved under one contract whether transportation is done via air, sea, road or rail. It handles customs clearance. AOL transports equipment and ship spares to rigs and vessels.
Online point-to-point control keeps users informed about the status of movements, clearance of cargo and activities such as warehousing, transportation, customs clearance (sea and air) for marine assets, ships spares etc. Its network is supported by 10+ offices together with a group network of over 50 offices countrywide, which ensures logistic support throughout the country. The three international offices ensure total logistics support.

Operation and Maintenance Division
AOS sources and manages the technical and administrative work force for drilling rigs, platforms, supply vessels in India and worldwide, including highly skilled and motivated operations and maintenance personnel for construction, drilling and marine activities. It has provided over 1500 personnelfor20 offshore and land rigs. Its service conditions, terms of employment, and integrity and commitment to health, safety and environment regulations are amongst the best in the industry. AOS has provided interpreters and translators for seismic operations.

Dredging Support Services
It provides consultancy and arranges statutory governmental clearance for dredging operations in India, including customs clearance of dredgers. It offers port and shipping services. Crew-related services include personnel movement. It handles customs clearance and delivery on board of all air and sea shipments. AOL sources and manages the technical and administrative crew for dredgers.

Specialised Commercial Services
AOL conducts market research (market analysis and market reports on current and prospective trends). It handles outsourcing of personnel to oil and gas operators, marine construction companies and other business associates. It provides consultancy services for acquiring drilling rigs and offshore support vessels.