Success Story: Digital Communication System For Mumbai Police

Arya Communications and Electronics Services Private Limited has installed and Commissioned India’s first APCO P25 Phase-II standard compliant state of the art Motorola make digital TDMA Trunking system for Mumbai Police.

This showcase project is built with strategically selected three base sites (one 10 channel repeater site and 02 nos five channel repeater sites) so as to provide seamless coverage across Mumbai city to meet operational and mission critical communication requirement of Mumbai Police personnel. All sites are interconnected to Master Switching Office (MSO) through failsafe 1+1 hot standby microwave links enabling dispatch and control room functions.

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The Mumbai Police (also known as Brihanmumbai Police) which is a part of Maharashtra Police looking after policing of Mumbai Metropolitan, has the primary responsibilities of law enforcement and investigation. The department's motto is "Sadrakshanāya Khalanigrahanāya" (Sanskrit: "To protect the good and to destroy the evil"). The Mumbai Police is headed by a Police Commissioner, who is an IPS officer.

The Mumbai Police comes under the State Home Ministry. The city is divided into twelve police zones and twenty five traffic police zones, each headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police. The Traffic Police is a semi-autonomous body under the Mumbai Police. Mumbai Police is broadly divided into five regions namely Central, North, South, East and West. For administrative purposes, each region is subdivided into 3 to 4 zones. Each zone contains 3 to 4 police stations. Each zone is commanded by a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). Apart from the 12 zones, there is also an additional Port zone. Police stations under the Port zone keep vigil on the Mumbai Port and container terminals in Mumbai. There are a total of 91 Police stations in the jurisdiction of Mumbai Police. Every Police station has a Police Inspector who is the in- charge officer of the station.


Mumbai Police were looking to upgrade/replace their existing proprietary technology based EDACS (Enhanced Digital Access Communication System) system installed 15+ years ago due to issues related with phased out technology, availability of spares and components, support and maintenance issues forced by OEM merger/sale/takeovers (Ericsson-M/A- COM, Tyco Electronics). As 4000+ portable and mobile radios working on the system were deployed and operational in the field, Mumbai police was looking for the future proof (supporting 10000+ radios) and open technology (supporting interoperatibility between radios of various suppliers) digital trunking system which would enhance coverage area overcoming dark spots due to on slaught of high rise buildings and capable of providing trouble free migration path accommodating existing radios through backward compatibility means.


Digital trunking system based on Motorola GTR 8000 repeaters with GCP 8000 site controllers at base sites, Radio terminals APX 2000 and APX 6500 with AES 256 encryption , Astro 25 Core M2 Switch, MCC 7500 dispatch console, Aviat ODU 600 Microwave radios , Eclipse IDU GE3 16x and Commscope Antennas, cables and connectors. Backward compatibility with existing EDACS radios and system is provided through MotoBridge gateway unit. Broad configuration of system is shown in a diagram.

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Mumbai police now has a state of the art, smart digital trunking system under their command availing the following benefits;

  • Digital trunking system based on APCO P25 Phase-2 a matured, proven and time tested Mission Critical Standard for Police and Public safety
  • Future proof, modular and expandable system capable of supporting 24 Nos of trunked base station sites, 28 Nos trunked channels per RF base station sites, 4000 talkgroups,16000 individual radio ID’s and 24 Nos. maximum dispatch sites
  • Traffic capacity is virtually doubled as APCO P25 Phase II is TDMA based Wireless System with IP based architecture. Mumbai Police now have two traffic channels slots per frequency channel
  • Open standard technology system supporting multi-vendor interoperability
  • Feature-rich performance - Roaming, call handover, multi priority levels, DGNA, man down, Higher data rates, Fast call setup etc and supporting multilayer redundancy
  • Ubiquitous coverage across Mumbai city with 3 sites
  • Inherent robust security - Over-the-air and E2E encryption, over-the-air rekeying, mutual authentication


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