BOXCO Providing End-To-End Solutions For Water-Soluble Fertilisers

In India, the introduction of high-yielding crop varieties, intensive cropping buoyed by the Green Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s, which aimed to increase crop production, coupled with growing foreign and domestic consumer expectations for quality fruits and vegetables led to the heavy depletion of soil nutrients.
The heavy withdrawal of essential plant nutrients through bumper harvests has caused soil nutrient fatigue. The deficiencies in micronutrients became a serious obstacle in achieving optimum yields, which required better nutrition management, thereby increasing the demand for specialty fertilisers.
Specialty or micronutrient fertilisers are specially manufactured to plug this gap and are required for high- quality cash crops, high-yielding crop varieties, drip irrigation and intensive crop production. These micronutrient water-soluble fertilisers provide myriads of advantages that give them an edge over regular organic/ inorganic fertilisers:

  • Value for money
  • High efficiency
  • Optimum water usage
  • Ease of application
  • Less wastage
  • Less labour intensive

Boxco Logistics caters to the diverse logistics requirements of the growing micro fertiliser market. Our flagship, located in the vicinity of JNPT Port in Mumbai, is a fully mechanised water-soluble fertiliser handling facility. It has a total covered warehouse storage space of approximately 150,000 sq ft, which houses all different types of micro fertilisers from several esteemed fertiliser clients.
At the warehouse, we undertake the entire spectrum of operations of handling, storing, re-conversion, re-packing, stitching and printing of pouches and bags of water-soluble fertilisers for distribution to various markets all over India.

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The cargo arrives in containers in bulk at the yard, where they are unloaded and the empty containers are returned. The fertilisers are then stored and subsequently packed in sizes that range from as little as 100 gm and 200gm pouches all the way up to 50 kg bags. Packing is done by specially designed packing machines capable of handling and packing 250 MT of cargo in a single shift.

The machines also offer customised batch printing on the bags as per the requirements of different clients. Packing of bags from 5 kg to 50 kg is by mechanised bagging units and output varies as per the requirements of the clients and their despatch instructions.

The entire setup of cargo operations at our warehouse not only makes operations faster and more efficient but also results in fewer handling losses, provides uniform packing and uniform appearance of the finished packages and results in a faster turn around and evacuation of cargo, which in turn results in an increase in the volumes of cargo that can be handled at our warehouse.

We oversee and execute operations that are exceedingly complex. The daily cargo operations cover 14 or 15 different and distinctive varieties and types of water-soluble fertilisers that need to be packed into 9 or 10 different pouch and bag sizes, and subsequently despatched to wholesale and retail markets all over India.

Boxco Logistics is setting up a countrywide logistics network to service the rapidly growing micro fertiliser and water-soluble markets by creating cargo management centres at strategic points across the country, namely at Kandla, JNPT, New Mangalore, Chennai, Vizag and Sonepat. In close collaboration with several fertiliser companies, this network of depots will be fed by the strategic stocking centres, thereby providing a fully integrated supply chain solution to all our fertiliser clients